Ella Sutherland

I am an approachable, charismatic and trustworthy individual whose interests lie in brand activation, design thinking and interior design. I take a human-centered approach towards problem-solving, following the designer, maker, user philosophy.

About my project:

My project explores the perceived characteristics of masculinity and the ways in which men choose to communicate their emotions. In today’s society, we are unfortunately continually bombarded with idealised views of what a ‘proper man’ should be, causing a lot of men to think ‘I shouldn’t be like this, I shouldn’t be emotional’ when they are feeling vulnerable. (Green, 2016). Feeling unable to express yourself repeatedly can lead to a variety of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse.In the UK, Men remain around three times more likely than women to take their own lives (Samaritans Report, 2017). My aim is to alleviate the pressure and expectations of ‘being a man’ and reduce the stigma surrounding male mental health.


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