Ikra Waseem

My name is Ikra Waseem, I am a strong believer in my Islamic religion. An important part of my identity is my religion and British nationality. I have a great interest to learn and experience different cultures. I highly enjoy studying in design management and developing my knowledge on future forecasting. I take delight in new experiences, exploring and being adventures. Also, I love to read and take on sports as a hobby. I keep a strong mind to achieve my goals and am strongly determined to own a business. After graduation, I wish to travel.

About my project:

Mapping the historical and cultural from the inside ethnographic, and outside perspectives of the Muslim Women’s Dress and understanding the Niqab. Shifting perspectives and even behaviour around the readings of the Niqab. Also, to bring awareness to the hostility towards Muslim women living in London and transforming the prejudice of the woman wearing the Niqab, in order to bring acceptance and empowerment to Muslim women who choose to wear the Islamic dress. Moreover, to bring equality for women practising the religion of Islam through the religious dress and educating their identity to a target audience of young adults.





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