Jessica Lo Faro

My name is Jessica Lo Faro, I am 24 years old and I am Italian. I moved to London with the idea of subscribing to a Product design course which I applied for and got a place in, but for some not clear reasons, I did not feel like that was the right way for me at that stage. Found the Design Management course I understood that was the right application for me of my “design skills” and I am happy I took this path. I had already a few working experiences in Marketing and Digital marketing/advertising, and I hope to explore more this sector and the Design Thinking and Management ones.

About your project:


“Transformer” is a project based on the study of human behaviour and more specifically habits: bad habits we cannot stay away from, and good habits we don’t get to start. The name, therefore, stands for what the goal is: to transform the way how people think and act, changing it into something that increases our well-being.

With the help of secondary and primary resources, I had the chance to investigate people’s motivation towards harmful behaviours and the reasons why they started or finally stopped with few particular practices, understanding how the habit loop works and what is needed to readdress it for our needs. As a result, the project aims to find a way to help people quit habits they have always wanted to quit or to start with positive and healthy “routines” which they have never been able to.

After careful investigation and numerous attempts, the best solution appeared to be found in the human warmth and support that each person can give to each other and that is the reason why my final deliverable happened to be a series of interactive workshop events.


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