Maria Ines Sousa Gomes

Hi, my name is Maria. Yes, Maria from Portugal, born in Lisbon. I have just finished DMC Bachelor of Arts and I am looking forward to work surrounded by creative people. The course of Design Management & Cultures has introduced me to another perspective of what Design is and what a Designer can be. Visuals, eye catchy graphics and Design Thinking approach is what inspires me to design. As an activator and strategic person, I love to make things happen by turning thoughts into action. My team spirit & command is what makes me a project manager. Regarding my personal interests, I love to travel and achieve new experiences. I like to communicate and build relationships.

About your project:

Designing for Forgetful Minds

I am a very forgetful person and that was what inspired me to start this project. What can be designed to improve the daily life of forgetful minds? I have asked myself. Memory complaints might start from age 40 or even earlier and the numbers are scary: 44 million people suffer from dementia and 850 thousand of those are living in the UK, by 2050 this might increase to 135.5 million people suffering from dementia. Stressful lifestyles and unhealthy choices might be an accomplice for memory loss but healthy people can experience memory loss or memory distortion at any age. Some of these memory flaws become more pronounced with age, but – unless they are extreme and persistent – they are not considered indicators of Alzheimer’s or other memory-impairing illnesses. However, common forgetfulness can still be very harmful to young adults.

Through Design Thinking methods, by listening to people and observing their lifestyles I have developed Gowë. Gowë is the unique brand dedicated to designing memory aids for common forgetfulness that joins fashion and other product forms.

Feel free to contact me regarding professional matters:




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