Ola Knopek

We are, all of us, makers. Or, perhaps, I should say, we are all able to make: we grow, raise and cook our food, we create solutions to problems, we fix things when they are broken. Hence, we can all create things, and shape the world around us. Unfortunately, not everyone believes in their making and/or creating abilities.There are many factors influencing that assumption. I would like to change that belief with my research and engage more people into making.

Personally, from the moment the idea is conceived, then the process of making it tangible is one of the most profound experiences I can have. It’s something I want to share with others.

In my research, I am exploring the future of craft and making. I am looking particularly at ways of democratising making, as well as collaborative innovation and social engagement opportunities.

I proposed three different outcomes and incorporated them in my process book.

The statement about the project:

Project Title: Make Much

In today’s world, the necessity is not the mother of all invention anymore. Today, we can buy, easily and cheaply, anything we need; and with the same nonchalance, we can also throw away those very same items. Technology development has widened the gap between the maker and the user to such a degree that people no longer have even the most basic understanding of how products are made. This leads to a limited appreciation for the handmade. This ignorance, however, is not, for me, the biggest problem. What actually worries me more is the fact that people barely care where items they buy come from, or if they are ethically made. My research proves it. Also, as nowadays people can buy anything,  they can, or cannot imagine making anything by themselves.


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