Stella Adamidou

I am a creative hands-on person with an interest in design and education. In the future, I can see myself working in the education field as I would love to teach. I think that is important to encourage creativity and creative thinking within education and inspire young people to do their best in their own way. Therefore, my project reflects this belief and encourages learning through an alternative and fun way.

Stella has combined her interest in design, education & geography through the development of the board game GeoGenius. The game aims to raise international & cultural awareness among children and adults, making the players learn geography without even realising it.

Game Description:

Players move around the game board, taking turns answering trivia questions about the countries of Europe and attempting to correctly place the countries and capital cities of Europe. In order to win, you have to collect one card from each difficulty level, by means of correctly answering the questions and correctly placing the countries or capital cities.


GeoGenius is a family friendly geography board game for children aged ten and above. It is an educational board game that will make the players learn geography without even realising it. Players have fun by answering geography trivia questions and placing countries and capital cities of Europe. We believe in general geography knowledge, fun and alternative education. Our aim is to raise international and cultural awareness among children and adults and make our world a better place.




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