Talia Donoghue

From as young as I can remember, I always had an interest in the fashion industry. Through numerous work experiences at Felicities PR, and from working at London Fashion Week to helping Conchita Perez with her AW16 Collection, Fashion is definitely the career path I want to take.

Despite being so passionate about fashion, wearable technology was a relatively new area for me. Nevertheless, this project was very enjoyable; as I learnt numerous skills and was able to develop relationships with several designers in the field. I feel this is just the start of my adventure into wearable technology.

About my project:

The project is inspired by the lack of commitment displayed towards the Met Gala of 2016 theme: why has the fashion industry not yet utilised the universal dependency of technology?

Wearable technology is still a relatively new phenomenon, which has yet to break into mainstreams market. Despite best efforts displayed from brands such as Levi and Google, through Research, I discovered the design problem. In point of facts, there was a significant lack of consumer awareness, and, even more, an insufficient amount of information available. This discovery was a pivotal point in my project, as I realised that an education of the potential consumers was needed. I narrowed the scope of my research by specifically looking at how wearable technology garments could benefit their health and well-being. Through acute project management, I developed a safety symbol, a ‘how to make a thermochromic t-shirt’ toolkit and a garment which has the ability to relax and energise you. The fourth idea was to create a multi-sensory event, where consumers could talk to designers, attend prototyping workshops, feel and try the garments, and listen to presentations by experts in the industry.


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