Erasmus Exchange – YuChen Wu

BA DMC Year2 –Study Abroad Student

– Wu, Yun Chen


With the knowledge of International Business Administration and the passion of arts, I chose to study Design Management and Cultures (DMC), hoping that through the learning in DMC, I can develop my future career related to art industry.

Companhia Portugueza Do Cha

However, in my first term, I was struggling to adapt the style of composing assignment and my limited skill in InDesign. The design and the creative covered in workshops, lectures, and assignments are over my expectation and exceeded my capability. Luckily, with the assistant from tutors and the tech talk workshops in digital space, I learned and started to build up my skill of using InDesign to the end of my study abroad term.

Apart from making use of the editorial software, the practical experience of proposing a project directly to the Pullman hotel in the collaborative unit and the curation of the exhibition in projects and practices enable me to reflect my learning of project management, teamwork, human-centred design, culture and communications. Learning through the process and the encountered challenges are more concrete than learning from books.

Companhia Portugueza Do Cha

Overall, the learning in DMC is made up of inspiring and reflecting. It allows students to experiment and interrogate. To some degree, it is hugely different from my personality and behaviour. However, being in this environment, I started to think differently from how I used to.

Coming in DMC with the ambitious of learning the design and cultures sector for exploring and developing a future career, I was once lost in this journey. Although no one knows what the future would be, I know that this journey with DMC broadens my horizons to be able to understand the design process from not only the manager’s aspect but also the creator’s aspect. The learning is not the skills and the knowledge; it has become part of me and is leading me toward the future with greater possibility.


Photos were taken by Yun Chen are from the Lisbon- Companhia Portugueza Do Cha – an Old ‘ground floor’  shop space that has been rejuevenated via the Res Chao project.

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