Design never works in isolation and perform better in a collaborative atmosphere. The BA Design Management and Cultures (DMC) course consists of multicultural and diverse students, ranging from different academic backgrounds such as art, design, and the humanities and form a vibrant collaborative atmosphere. This brings into the course an array of class discussions that vary from political, social to environmental and health issues. Students have the opportunity to engage in an exchange programme that facilitates a good learning and cultural experience. DMC provides students with opportunities to engage in class trips abroad, previous destinations have included Paris, Lisbon, Istanbul and Berlin.

During the three year BA degree, students will acquire knowledge on a myriad of subjects ranging from design, management, communication and cultures. Students are provided access to a range of workshops, equipment and academic support to help develop new skill sets.

As a practice-based course, DMC is focused on balancing theory and practice. The learning process consists of individual practice and collaborative projects. These enable students to improve their critical thinking and team working skills and explore personal interests.