The London Community Architect: Carl Turner

It may surprise you that, although the London-based architect Carl Turner is decorated by many achievements and successes, he had to sell his property to pursue his dream and, even nowadays, earns only as much to cover his comfortable lifestyle. A man who gives back to people and supports their development, an artist involved in … Continue reading The London Community Architect: Carl Turner


Good Design

The question ‘what is good design’ is one of those that seem incredibly easy to answer but turns out to be surprisingly difficult to answer correctly. The more one thinks about it, the more the answer they are likely to obtain becomes complicated. Good design does not only have different meanings to different people, but … Continue reading Good Design

Design as a Process

Due to the fact there are many applications of design in the current world, people tend to take different standing points when defining the term design. According to Kathryn Best, design comprises both the process of making something, and the final product of this process; which is the design itself (Best 2006). For many practitioners, … Continue reading Design as a Process

The Value of Design Management

‘Design Management is a leadership role, one that requires explaining, inspiring, persuading and demonstrating how design can positively contribute to an organisation in many different ways.’ Kathryn Best, 2006 Design, as a communication channel, is a constitutive characteristic of any kind of organisation, it is ‘intrinsically linked to business in a way that both can … Continue reading The Value of Design Management

Design Management and Manufacturing

While setting its philosophy or approach, it is fundamental for a manufacturing company to decide whether to focus on the product itself or on the process of its production. By choosing to focus on the process, rather than just on the final product, a company chooses quality before quantity. In manufacturing, as well as in … Continue reading Design Management and Manufacturing

The Elephant Artwork’s

The Heygate Estate, is a brutalist building from the 1970s in the district of Elephant & Castle, was home to more than three thousand people until it was included, in 2014, in the ambitious regeneration project of the area which leads to the building’s demolition. The Elephant & Castle Project, designed by the organisation Lend … Continue reading The Elephant Artwork’s

Stella Adamidou

I am a creative hands-on person with an interest in design and education. In the future, I can see myself working in the education field as I would love to teach. I think that is important to encourage creativity and creative thinking within education and inspire young people to do their best in their own way. Therefore, my project reflects this belief and encourages learning through an alternative and fun way.

Rebecca Kassab

I am a multidisciplinary designer and social researcher who uses design tools to address social, business and environmental issues. Being brought by Syrian-Lebanese parents in a South American country helped me to develop adaptability and high empathic skills. Most of my projects evolve around social innovation, considering how design tools can create social impact into improving people’s lives. I combine trend forecasting, marketing, design thinking and service design tools in order to deliver possible solutions to society’s issues.

Ola Knopek

We are, all of us, makers. Or, perhaps, I should say, we are all able to make: we grow, raise and cook our food, we create solutions to problems, we fix things when they are broken. Hence, we can all create things, and shape the world around us. Unfortunately, not everyone believes in their making and/or creating abilities.There are many factors influencing that assumption. I would like to change that belief with my research and engage more people into making.

Ngoc Trieu

Ngoc Trieu grew up in Hanoi, the lovely ancient capital of Vietnam. She is a design manager, photographer and researcher. Her research areas of interest include Psychogeography, Social Design, Design Cultures and Design Histories. When she isn't busy brainstorming ideas to solve a problem, she loves doing Kendo (Japanese sword fighting), reading, hiking in the woods, contemplating the moon, taking pictures of friends when they don’t notice, composing haikus and having good conversations over coffee.