Catalogue Design – Nathalie Combes

Nathalie Combes is a first-year student of BA (Hons) Design Management and Cultures. As part of her final assignment, she created a project called ‘Metaphorical journey’. Her catalogue is an ultimate time machine to the disruptive late 60s.

“The catalogue represents a metaphorical journey through someone’s memory of the late 60s, having kept notes and ephemera from different events, especially from protests.

The ephemera, composed of the five blog posts and the design rationale, is meant to represent flyers or tracts recuperated during protests as the layout and typefaces were inspired by a flyer from May ’68. Two sans-serif typefaces were used, Arial and Britannic Bold, as they nicely emulate the spirit of the original flyer and what was commonly used during the 60s. I chose a type of paper that looked like it had aged in a cream color. The ephemera is kept in an envelope to symbolise the emotional attachment to the era and to the events for the person. (…) The notebook and envelope containing the ephemera are stored in a box, created to be able keep the memories as long as possible.” (Combes, Metaphorical journey, 2017)

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