Hope, Tension and Struggles. An exhibition by Year 2

After hours of brainstorming, comparing, discussing the topics that interested each one of us on the global scale, we decided to the highest of our capacities, answer those questions: How do we experience the design culture(s) of a city? What is the social impact of design in the shaping of these design cultures?



Cities are complex and each one grows and develops its own distinct identity according to various social, economic and political factors. Design is, in many ways, a force in shaping a city’s culture and identity. However, what is meant by design is always based on context, and this context makes design adaptable to multiple meanings set by the inhabitants of the city to suit their needs.



Hope, Struggles, and Tensions is a group exhibition curated by the second-year students of the BA (Hons) Design Management and Cultures course at the London College of Communication. It was the first exhibition curated by the class DMC18. A very challenging experience, time-wise, we also had to learn how to work around the space, use the right mediums for our message, but also the challenge of making a whole out of several different projects. The works exhibited utilise a range of mediums including sound, objects, posters, photographs, and construction materials, and attempt to illustrate the struggles, the tensions and the hope (or hopes) through design and designing. This selection of works allows the viewer to explore specific perceptions of the multitude of design cultures from the cities of Jakarta, Mexico City, Lagos, Zagreb, Bangalore and Cairo.



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