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The Collaborative Unit of the BA Design Management & Cultures program is all about teamwork: how to build a team, how to function as a member of a team, how to identify what needs to be done and delegate tasks accordingly, to be able to ultimately put forth a creative and well-researched Process Map as the result of an entirely collaborative effort. We were presented with the challenge of exploring the hotel user experience in both London and Paris at the time of Airbnb, through the lens of Human-Centered Design. The project centred on the Accor Hotels group, our location of focus being the Pullman Hotel in London, located near Kings Cross St. Pancras. We started out as Group A and grew into the A-Team throughout the process of collaboration. Initially a bit uneasy about the idea of working in a group of seventeen people, we soon embraced our challenge and began to break it down into conquerable tasks. By dividing ourselves into four flexible groups—primary research, secondary research, concept/ideas and analysis, and design—the work became more manageable and the tasks clearer, each team member free to contribute to the tasks best suited to their skill-set. The sections included in this document represent the tasks completed by the four groups, thus providing a thorough understanding of the planning, research and ideation that led to the creation of the final Process Map (slideshow presented above).

As a result of effective collaboration, insightful innovation and a lot of hard work, we have arrived at three solutions: re-designing the hotel interior, incorporating social events into hotel business activities and using social media as a marketing tool. We reached these conclusions by carrying out extensive primary research including focus groups, work placements and observations as well as secondary research using Human-Centred Design and Trend Management frameworks such as SWOT analyses, PESTLE analyses and Stakeholder Mapping. We also had a strong concept and ideas team who adopted a Design Thinking methodology and went on a journey of diverging and converging to arrive at desirable, feasible and viable solutions. We also utilised the talent in our design team to create a visually appealing process map and presentation of these ideas. We treated this project as a live professional learning and development experience and believe that with some development, these solutions can be applied to The Pullman’s business strategy to enable them to compete with Airbnb. We also believe that by utilising Human-Centred Design principles, emerging ourselves into the real job market and working collaboratively, we are capable of being design consultants for the hotel industry in the UK and Paris on how to cope with the rising threat of the sharing economy. – T.B. Sorensen & Mollie Horne

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The slideshow on the project by Group A.

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