BA DMC Degree Show 2017

Graduating students from BA (Hons) Design Management and Cultures will be showcasing their work to industry, friends, and members of the public. The show will be providing a glimpse into their final project

Up the stairs and down the corridors, on your left, independent from the rest, you can find the exhibition. Get ready to be active, the exhibited projects need interaction. It illustrates what we were taught; the main difference between Art and Design. In design, we are asked to design for someone, to design for the ultimate interaction with the user. And the class of 2017, answered this problem thoroughly, each and every aspect, objects, words were thought about and discussed. With a first crowded appearance, the next minutes are spent realising the wide range of topics, knowledge, research put into the work. All answering a problem they were confronted to or witnessed personally, they achieved the personal challenges, concisely and boldly. It is something they are passionate about. A project with a purpose, a positive impact. Many fields from the design world are represented; fashion, application design, service design.

Come create your own wearable technology bracelet with Tali. Discover the story behind used clothes in Calvin’s Garmentales. Enjoy Juan Li’s Virtual reality experience, or explore the old quarters of Hanoi. Learn how to adapt your family relationships to the globalisation with Claudia’s project. Maxim’s UniZen bracelet, a simple technology wristband tracker, to help students deal with everyday anxiety. Find Maria’s answer to the forgetful tendencies of the young creative minds. Challenge your thinking on the Niqab with Ikra’s exercise, or Learn how to choose your wine with Clara’s guide. Georgia finds a playful answer to the creative block and redundancy, we have all been confronted to. Ola will encourage you to find confidence in your making skills. You will find the perfect Olderpreneurs toolkit, made by Rebecca. Join the Boss.Lady.Queen tribe, in which Kristin introduced the new way of networking, where women creatives support and provide for each other.

Here are some of the work to be expected on the show.

Talia Donoghue

Smart Fashion for Wellbeing


Inspired by the lack of commitment shown to the theme of the Met Gala 2016: Fashion in the Age of Technology, Talia’s work questions why the fashion industry not yet utilised the universal dependency of technology?

Exploring the benefits of wearable tech, the project culminated in a garment which has the ability to relax and energise the wearer. Talia will be exhibiting in the ‘genius bar’ where she’ll be teaching visitors how to make their own wearable technology. 

Juliana Robilard

Redesigning Dyslexia: Imagine the world where Dyslexia is an advantage


Dyslexia is not about seeing letters jumping around, it is about being out of balance. By understanding how much impact it can have on your wellbeing, your approach to how you deal with it can change. The aim of Juliana’s project, which takes the form of an app, is to develop awareness of dyslexia and to promote acceptance that there is nothing wrong with seeing things differently.

Ngoc Trieu

Mapping Old Hanoi Quarter


Taking a human-centered approach to creative problem solving, Ngoc’s project aims to discover and ‘map’ the relationship of objects and practices with their cultural and historical background while questioning their importance to the development of heritage preservation and urban experience in the Old Quarter.

Open until the 22nd of June, the students will be happy to present their projects, explain them to the public, and interact with the users.