The Future of Work/Play

We are delighted to invite you to The Future of Work/Play.

Date: Friday 20th April 2018
Time: 14:00 – 18:00

Location: Lecture Theatre A
London College of Communication,
University of the Arts London

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In the final stage of their degree, BA(Hons) Design Management & Culture students began to question the possible professional routes to undertake following graduation. After acknowledging the motives that brought an institution such as the London College of Communication to implement a course synthesising design practice with management, we decided to investigate the broader needs of the industry.

Throughout our exploration we identified four major trends, that we determined as the leading phenomenon on a globally scale, sustaining the prevailing development in the sphere of work. The trends under our enquiry are AI and Automation, Digital Nomadism, Diversity and Collaboration.  We decided to address and challenge these findings through The Future of Work/Play, a symposium running on 20th April 2018 at London College of Communication. Five experts will  explore the future from a sociological and humanistic point of view and provide the audience with viable insights on how to approach work nowadays for a positive impact in the long-run.

Here are the experts taking on the challenge:

Dr. John Fass – speaker and panelist. Designer, researcher, lecturer, and course leader for BA (Hons) Information and Interface Design at London College of Communication.

Tiu de Haan – speaker and panelist. Ritual designer, creative facilitator, inspirational speaker, voiceover artist and musician.

Victor Bloch – speaker and panelist. Futurist, speaker and moderator.

Alison Coward – speaker and panelist. Founder of Bracket, strategist, coach and workshop facilitator .

Moderated by Luke Robert Mason. Science communicator, journalist and the Director of Virtual Futures – an events series engaging the public to question the future through a ‘techno-philosophical lens’.

The day will include activities and a conclusive networking session with drinks and snacks.

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Organised by BA(Hons) Design Management & Cultures students and staff. Design School | Branding & Design Innovation Programme | University of the Arts London

Funded by the Staff Student Engagement Fund.


#NUMA: The entrepreneurial side of Paris.

My classmates and I have participated in a study trip. And what better place and time to choose than Paris, during the fashion week! However, instead of checking out the latest trends in clothing, we opted for the entrepreneurial and innovative centre in the 18th arrondissement. Feeling super inspired and enthusiastic, here are some main point from our visit.

Numa, staircase. Taken by: Gabriela Ditt.

We were given a brief tour around all the floors of the Parisienne hub, learning about the brief history and the latest developments of NUMA. The main points I took from the talk with one of the employees was that they treasure teamwork over ideas and that the mindset matters more than the actual skills.

Lounge, Numa. Taken by: Gabriela Ditt.

When faced with the board of employees, it was difficult to decide which one is the CEO (which is actually a women, placed near the bottom of the wall). This moment left the most memories in all of us, since the display of the workers was powerful, yet not discriminating in any way. When reflecting back upon our experience, nearly everyone recalled this moment.

Numa, employers. Taken by: Gabriela Ditt.

NUMA provides mentorship and nourishes personal qualities over self-interests which is crucial when developing a sustainable business idea. The sponsorship for projects comes from big companies which guarantee adequacy and adjustability to the current context, yet NUMA supports intuition and nourishes culture, addressing the restrictions of age, qualifications, and diverse backgrounds. Their gathering space is situated at the bottom of the building, encouraging people to network whilst enjoying a cheap cuppa.

As the aspiring design managers and culture enthusiasts, we have been asking a lot of questions and Sara, our lovely guide, was happy to answer all of them. It was amazing to see how people’s ideas can actually come true. She also gave us the insight into the reality of an every day life, stating that the start-ups usually stay with NUMA for no longer than 6 months. The pressure is on, right? Alongside rotation they also encourage progress in a thought-provoking environment. And such was the affect on us, too, long after we left NUMA, leaving us wondering how could WE turn our visions into action.

Thank you NUMA for opening up a whole new world to us.

Design Management and Cultures,

University of the Arts, London.

Written by: Gabriela Ditt, DMC 2019.

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